Which 15 Dog Breeds Are Most Loyal to Their Owners

Unlike with other animals, dogs aren’t just “nice” to us because we give them shelter and food. We share a special connection with them and that is why they are so loyal. An experiment by ScienceDirect about a canine behavior discovered that the part of the brain, associated with enjoyment and positive emotions, lit up when the dogs could smell their owner’s scent. That’s the same part that is connected to love in humans!

WE would like to show you our top 15 dog breeds that show unconditional loyalty!



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Akitas, as described by the AKC, are profoundly loyal and fully devoted to their families. They are a Japanese breed, and you can expect affection, respect, and entertainment from them!

It comes to no one’s surprise that the most famous and faithful dog in the world — Hachiko — is an Akita.